3 May 2006


3 May 2006 01:25 am
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For those who haven't noticed, Free Geek's connection to the internet has been down for the last couple of days. The main website is still up because it's hosted elsewhere for just such reasons, but the wiki is down (no double checking the formatting of the Board meeting minutes), mail is down (no sending said minutes, nor checking/sending other mails), and llama is down (no updating the blog on my website). So, if you have any urgent communications, gmail or various IMs would be best for the rest of the week or so. This too shall pass.

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So, as you know, I recently got a cell phone, my first ever to be exact. Add so, of late I've been exploring the wonders of awkward interfaces, bizarre limitations, and vendor crippled hardware. And the first thing I thought was, y'know? We need linux on this thing.

If we could only get a well understood, free, open operating system on one of these things we would finally have the universal communicators we've always dreamed about. If we had such a CellOS we could use cells to communicate over typical instant messaging protocols, to communicate over irc, to check emails, to freely copy our program preferences between our cells and our pcs.

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