20 Jun 2006

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So I've been messing around with my profile the last couple days. For the most part I tend to let it get rather stale, but every so often I go in to shuffle the interests around a bit, curse the 150 limit, see who's friended me, etc. And lately I've started taking part in an aspect of lj I've largely ignored until now.

One of the interesting things about lj is the social aspect to it. Not just the comments and the webwork of friending but also the communities, the interest searching, the schools, u.s.w. Lately I've been joining a number of communities and meeting new folks, mostly other Portlanders. Much as I prefer a number of the features of my own blogging software, it was never my intention to add that social aspect. I designed it to ease writing posts, in particular posts like mine which tend to have footnotes, references, and the like. I do have plans to add in comments, but that's about it.

If I were to write something for socializing, I'd probably write an engine for sophisticated interests tagging; remove the blogging entirely or have it just be a hook into your blog site of choice. The more I think about how I'd design such an interests machine, the more it starts to resemble certain other projects of mine. The first is a tagging engine for keeping track of large quantities of media files (this is anime, that's a photo from [livejournal.com profile] urban_decay, this is a Don Hertzfeldt short, that's pr0n,...). The second is to deal with one of my biggest gripes about iTunes: namely to provide a sophisticated system for categorizing genres, e.g. sometimes you want to be specific (ebm, darkwave, japanese swing, koto,...) and sometimes you just want to be general (electronica, japanese,... or heck: music).

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