4 Jun 2016

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I was emailing with a friend last night, telling her all these happy stories about me & L: our engagement, the courthouse wedding, all that jazz. And I got to thinking how I never seem to share happy stories online. Whenever I feel compelled to put stuff out there it's all doom and gloom, whether it's dealing with my personal issues or addressing political problems. And all that is important. My writing is all about trying to make room for me to exist in the world —but unfortunately that means bringing up the ugly I'm trying to survive and get space from in the first place.

But y'all must get a really skewed perspective on what I'm like in person. And that's sad. I mean, yeah, this stuff is always rattling around up there, but there's also all the good stuff. I sketched a few paras on why I talk less about the good stuff, but that's what I'm talking about. Once you get good at critical analysis, it can be hard to turn off. Like anything, you gotta beware of it taking over the way you see things. I gotta practice turning it off more often.

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