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Things done today
  • Gave my advisors The Letter. The public announcement is scheduled for monday
  • Handed in the revised version of qual #2. Clocked in at 59 pages. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but sometimes y'just gotta let it go.
What remains before I'm ABD
  • P550 final paper. Target length 10 pages.
  • Qual #3, due by x-mas. This one is just a lit-review, and I've already read the lit, so it shouldn't take too long (I hope!)
  • Qual oral defense, the first week or two of Spring. Cakewalk expected
  • Dissertation proposal. Aiming to get it done by January

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22/11/13 17:12 (UTC)
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Congratulations! \m/

59 pages, jebus. But this one is relevant to your dissertation work, yes?

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22/11/13 19:44 (UTC)
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Cool! So the proposal should be relatively straightforward...

I'd be happy to take a look, but I can't necessarily promise useful feedback. I'll give it a shot, though.

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24/11/13 07:08 (UTC)
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Nice work! That's a lot to do before January, but I have faith in you.


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