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Quoth Paul Taylor:

This result is folklore, which is a technical term for a method of publication in category theory. It means that someone sketched it on the back of an envelope, mimeographed it (whatever that means) and showed it to three people in a seminar in Chicago in 1973, except that the only evidence that we have of these events is a comment that was overheard in another seminar at Columbia in 1976. Nevertheless, if some younger person is so presumptuous as to write out a proper proof and attempt to publish it, they will get shot down in flames.

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Dear housemates,

I'm sorry if I kept you awake tonight. You both looked exhausted from a long night of revolting knitting. But I couldn't help myself. I was reading Best of Craigslist — yes, I know, these things should be done in the privacy of one's own room — but I couldn't help myself. I had started before you came home while talking on the phone with H-chan. I took a break from the humor to read a political manifesto, but that's when things started going down hill. That wasn't the worst, no, that was about when you came home. I managed to contain myself when you opened the door. But once you went upstairs I started reading again. And then, after a while I just couldn't contain myself. It was just a slip, I didn't mean to.

So I took a break, took a breather. I understand, some things may be inappropriate. But they're still amusing. Others are not so humorous, but sincere. And in still others the plea of desperation cannot be masked by the humour. The quiet desperation. But don't let the seriousness get you down. You can have a good time too. It was quite humerous towards the end, but you know how tales of romance can be.



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The internet never ceases to amuse.

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