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unix-bytestring 0.3.2

The unix-bytestring package offers a full selection of Unix/Posix-specific functions for reading and writing ByteStrings to file descriptors.

The Story Behind It All

A while back I needed a ByteString-based version of the System.Posix.IO String-based API. I coded up the new versions and submitted a patch to the unix package for adding them in. But apparently, noone's much pleased with the System.Posix.IO API! In the ensuing discussion folks brought up their specific complaints and offered suggestions. So now, the couple of functions have become enough to release as its own package— with the hope that one day it'll be rolled into the unix package.

That's where you come in. The current API is more than good enough for anything I've needed, so I need your feedback on what you want from a ByteString-based Unix/Posix I/O library.

I've looked through Roel van Dijk's reverse dependency analysis to find the folks currently using the unix package. The maintainers of the following packages may be particularly interested in unix-bytestring:

HFuse has complained about the lack of bindings for pread(2) and pwrite(2), which are included in unix-bytestring. The only standing complaint I haven't addressed is one expressed in the iteratee, iteratee-mtl, and liboleg packages which would prefer a return type of (Either Errno _) instead of throwing exceptions.


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