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Hello, I'm an inveterate academic with no respect for discipline boundaries. I'm also an unrelenting activist for social justice. I currently live in Bloomington with my wife, L., and our kitty, Antigone.

Instead of copying all my bio shit over, you can find out more about me on my professional website, including: how to contact me all over the net, my professional background, what I research, what activism means to me (hint: a lot), and a few of my hobbies. While I do discuss professional topics on this blog, it is primarily a personal space. My posts vary wildly between linguistics, mathematics, programming, gender/sexuality studies, social justice activism, and random scraps of life. If you are only interested in the Haskell- and maths-oriented posts, you should follow the haskell planet tag.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
They are endowed with reason and conscience
and should act towardsone another in a spirit of fellowship.

(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

As a starting point for my essays on social justice: this is my definition of “feminism” and “sexism”. Much of my activism is about dismantling Silence Culture. And I currently assume a projectivistic theory of identity.

The content of this blog is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0. If you send me an official request to do so, I am generally willing to change the NoDerivs clause to ShareAlike for specific entries (yielding cc by-nc-sa 4.0). For code appearing on the blog itself: Perl is released under your choice of GPL (version 3 or later) or Perl Artistic License; and Haskell is released under BSD3. PDFs, bundled code, and other external content have the the licenses and terms of distribution/reuse included with them.

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agda, agglutinative languages, aikido, ancient greek, androgyny, anthropology, arabic food, bayesian probability, bicycling, bisexuality, biting, body modification, buddhism, c. s. friedman, category theory, ccg, childfree, coffee, cognitive science, complex systems, computational linguistics, computer science, coq, corsets, cty, cuddling, dancing, dark chocolate, darkwave, deep ecology, discrete mathematics, doujinshi, dutch, ebm, emergent behavior, empathy, epigram, erotica, examined lives, fantasy, feminism, fencing, free word order, functional programming, futurepop, gaelic, gaming, gay marriage, gender indifference, genmaicha, gnu/linux, goth, grammar formalisms, hard cider, hard femme, haskell, indian food, indie, industrial, infosocialism, intentional community, interdisciplinary education, japanese food, k-pop, kink, languages, latin, lexical semantics, liminality, lindy hop, linguistics, logic programming, logical formalisms, machine translation, mandopop, maté, morphology, morphophonology, morphosemantics, morphosyntax, mythology, nonprofits, nonviolence, ontology, open source, os x, otome, performativity, perl, poetry, polyamory, portland, postqueer, pragmatics, public transportation, quantum probability, queer theory, red wine, reed college, roleplaying, science fiction, short fiction, snowboarding, speech acts, sustainability, systems theory, tai chi, tea, trance, transgender, transhumanism, tree transducers, type theory, unification, useless trivia, vegetarianism, velvet, vernor vinge, victorian era, violins, waltz, weirdness, whisky, womanism, worker collectives, yuri, 日本語, 泣きゲー
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