30 Mar 2006

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So you know those great robotics articles and such I've been touting about recently? Well pretty much all of them come from TechEBlog. And if you thought those weren't cool enough, here's another dump of some of the highlights. However, if you're into this sort of thing then subscribe to the feed yourself. Nearly everything is awesome, and those that aren't are still pretty cool. It'd be a waste of time for me to syphon any more over here (though the occasional over-the-top post might still leak on over). Now on with the linkage:

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Okay, so here's another link roundup, sue me. I should get back to real posts soon enough. I've determined that I spend wa~y too much time colocating links from all my various sources (yeah yeah, hush you), and so I'm planning on easing off. In my last post I mentioned that I'm officially pruning TechEBlog from the things I'll post here about, and a while back I decided that most links found through livejournal will make their way around soon enough without me. But that still leaves me with a number of sources before even getting into the random stuff I actually found myself cruising around.

For those who follow my weblogs via the RSS feeds, heads up. I'm planning on separating out all the link roundups (and similar links-only posts) to their own blog, including retroactively. That should help folks who only care about my more essayic posts, or only for the links. It may be a while yet until I do that since I've still yet to get this site switched over to Titania from its immediate predecessor; there'll be an announcement on the website updates blog when it does happen, maybe also here. For those who're following from livejournal, I'll still mirror the links posts (I finally got my mirroring script set up :). I'll also start mirroring the f/oss blog since folks seemed interested in hearing about Eng.

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