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It's official, I'm heading to Google at the end of July to work with Mark Larson on the Chrome OS security team (of all things!). Seems an unlikely match, but Mark was pretty keen on my background (including the gender stuff!) and wasn't put off by my fusion of linguistics, type-theory, constructive logic/maths, et al. I guess the security team is more concerned with semantic models and constructive correctness than the other teams I talked with. Makes sense, I suppose, but it's sad that these are still thought of as "security" concerns rather than "everything in programming" concerns.

I'm totally looking forward to it, but I am still thinking of it as a bit of an experiment. I'm an academic at heart, so I could see myself heading back to academia in a few years. (Wanting to be a professor is, afterall, what motivated me to start gradschool in the first place.) Then again, I've never really thought of industry as being interested in the sorts of theory I work on. In any case, I'll still be around at the various conferences I've been frequenting; I won't just disappear into industry.

I know a bunch of y'all are in the bay area. I'd love to hear any pointers you have on apartment hunting or on what neighborhoods (nearish Mt View) are nice— i.e., places an artistic disabled radical queer woman might like. Feel free to comment below or get in touch by email, twitter, etc.

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Eeeyyyyyy! \m/ Congratulations Wren!

ChromeOS Security is not a thing I would have predicted for you, but it's super important and I'm sure you'll rock it! You're so good at thinking about complicated interactions while keeping the details in mind -- sounds like a perfect skillset for security work.

Also, please come party with us in Sunnyvale :D (Sunnyvale is not a bad part of the world, if you want to live in the South Bay...)
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Date: 2016-02-04 07:39 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] alexr_rwx
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Hrmmm, I don't have a map that I love, but I'm sure your websearching would be just about as good as mine...

First few results include:

In my experience, cycling around Sunnyvale and Mountain View is not so bad. It's maybe a little more stressful than Bloomington -- there are more cars and more people -- but there are a lot of cyclists here.

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