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I've been working on culling a bunch of my old email addresses and unifying my username across the internet. I've mentioned a number of these changes before, but every few months I run into folks who've missed the memo. So, for those who keep up with my blog or follow Haskell Planet, here's the latest rundown:

  • —is dead
  • —is dead
  • —will soon be dead
  • My Perl forwarding address lives—
  • My Haskell forwarding address lives—
  • My current work address is—
  • My personal email at is also lives
Code Hosting & Other User Names
  • My BitBucket username has changed from winterkoninkje to wrengr
  • My GitHub username has changed from winterkoninkje to wrengr
  • My IRC username has changed from koninkje to wrengr


14 Jun 2006 04:50 pm
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So, now that I've finished my last exam, it's time to finally suck it up and take Fuchikoma in to be repaired. Hopefully he'll be back before too long so I can do my summer ldap stuff for the cat in my nice honed environment. So, I may be updating livejournal infrequently, but I won't be updating the main blog for a while until Fuchi gets back. All my im'ing will be similarly down. Email works, irc works, phone works. See you when i get back.

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This is predominantly targeted to my LiveJournal readers, but also pertinent for the rest of you. You may not have noticed, but I maintain other weblogs besides this one.

My LJ blog contains a mirror of my main blog along with the occasional private discussion[1]. The other significant blog I keep is one focused on Free/Open-Source Software development, though it also has many other computer-related topics like my zaurus, Elsamelys. I'm not going to mirror my other blogs onto LJ because that'd take too much work[2]. All my blogs have RSS feeds which can be found from my rss feeds page. That page also serves as a comprehensive listing of whatever blogs I may start up in the future.

[1] Since I haven't gotten security/user services set up on my own blog software yet.

[2] Yeah, I'm lazy and should script the whole mirroring thing already.

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At long last the Homestreet project is finished. And so too is Collab, which means is going down in the indeterminate but imminently foreseeable future. So my site has moved to Please update your bookmarks.

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